We are so excited! We got our new electronic gadget, tablet, phone, or computer over this past holiday season. Now we are well into the comfort phase, yet still on the honeymoon. Rank: Your Kid Will Embarrass You Yet, what will happen if that gadget broke? What will happen if […]

Backup — #TechTipTues

This is a fun and really simple #TechTipTues for virtually everyone. RANK: #EasyPeasy If you haven’t gotten in the holiday spirit yet, maybe a change in the home or lock screen would be a thing to do. Here are my top 5 images you can download for yourself and your […]

Holiday Lock Screens — #TechTipTues

We love LOVE our head phones. They come in so many styles and sizes. And since they are attached to our ‘everywhere’ mobile and tablet devices, they certainly get around just as much. Hence the one small problem, as in earbuds small. They get dirty–very dirty. And we are not […]

Putting On Wax–But Not Like This–#TechTipTues

Rank: Your Kid Will Embarrass You What is the anatomy of hack? Unfortunately the focus in most of the news stories heard and the stuff of movies tends to be about the technology. The focus should be about us. We humans are the hack-able ones. In the news stories about […]

Hack The Planet. Hack The Planet!!!!

“It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.” – Zig Ziglar Ziglar, who passed away 4 years ago, apparently was an example of this very quote; in bouncing back. It has been reported that even after he took a nasty spill down some stairs in […]

Thought 25 of 30 on Failure

Have you heard? Amazon is introducing Prime Reading to their Prime customers! Much like Prime Video, Music, and Shopping areas, these gives you free access to a truck load of books and magazines at no additional costs. No, I haven’t forgotten about the old fashion way to read a periodical […]

Truck Loads of Reading!

Rank: Your Kid Will Embarrass You Real True Expectations — The Truth About Rechargeable Battery Life Expectancy It’s been a long month and a half for #YourGeek. Experiencing a hard drive failure and a failure of my backup made for a very stressful period. Certainly a review of backup strategies […]

Real True Expectations — #TechTipTues

Rank: Your Kid Will Embarrass You True story–a client of mind was still emailing herself reminders. The antiquated email system she was on would actually accept the messages, cluttering her inbox with these messages. The added part of this scenario that is like a flash back to the late nineties, […]

Un-clutter By Using Your Voice — #TechTipTues

Well it has been quite a move. We are all here. The migration is complete. Here are some of the things #YourGeek accomplished partnering with Anne Arundel CASA in building a new web presence. Modern, vibrant, and inviting look and feel. Up front visibility of organizational news. Streamlined access to […]

Welcome To The New CASA Website!